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Preferences Law

On June 16, 2009, the South Carolina General Assembly enacted 2009 Act No. 72, which rewrote the law governing preferences available to in-state vendors, vendors using in-state subcontractors, and vendors selling in-state or US end products. A copy of Act 72 is attached.

(Check for Updates through 2009)

The attached FAQ is provided solely as a convenience. This information is not an official agency interpretation of the statute and should not be relied upon. While this document is intended to facilitate your familiarity with the rules governing preferences, you must rely only on the statute itself.

(Check for Updates through 2009)

The attached clauses can be used to inform bidders of the available preferences and how to apply for them. Please note that standard Page Two has been revised.

Also attached are instructions regarding when to use these clauses and where they should be located when using the Uniform Solicitation Format.

(Check for Updates through 2009)

Attached is an excel spreadsheet designed to help you calculate the preferences. While we have attempted to make it accurate, use it at your own risk.

Please read the instructions included with this file before using it. Remember, the calculator is a tool. It is not a substitute for understanding the law. If you do not understand the preferences law, we recommend you not use the calculator.

If you find any errors with the calculator, please contact the Audit & Certification office of the Procurement Services Division.

LAST UPDATED: November 28, 2012 (Replacing version posted January 15, 2010)

The attached power point presentation is used to compliment presentations made by Procurement Services Division staff regarding the new preferences law. You may find it useful as an internal training tool.

To illustrate how the calculator works, these three samples have been prepared.