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School Districts Approved for 2021 Model Code

  • Aiken County Public School District
  • Anderson School District One
  • Anderson County School District Five
  • Beaufort County School District
  • Berkeley County School District
  • Charleston County School District
  • Cherokee County School District
  • Colleton County School District
  • Darlington County School District
  • Florence School District One
  • Fort Mill School District Four
  • Greenwood School District Fifty
  • Horry County Schools
  • Kershaw County School District
  • Lancaster County School District
  • Lexington County School District One
  • Lexington County School District Two
  • School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties
  • Orangeburg County School District
  • Richland County School District One
  • Spartanburg County School District Five
  • Spartanburg County School District One
  • Spartanburg County School District Six
  • Spartanburg County School District Two
  • Sumter County School District


  • Newberry County School District


  • Dorchester School District Two
  • Georgetown County School District
  • Oconee County School District
  • Pickens County School District
  • Rock Hill School District Three of York County


  • Greenville County School District

To obtain audit firm approval, you must provide Procurement Services with the following:

1. Name of the audit firm;
2. The entire potential period of the audit contract, not just the current engagement period; and
3. A requirement by your District that the firm will conduct the audit using the audit program published by the State Fiscal Accountability Authority.

Approval requests should be submitted to Crawford Milling at dcmilling@mmo.sc.gov.

In conjunction with the Model, Procurement Services has prepared instructions regarding how to submit a draft for approval and a form letter to use when submitting a draft, both of which are attached below.

In order to properly review a proposed school district code, Procurement Services must receive documentation from the school district that shows exactly how the district's code compares to the 2021 Model School District Procurement Code. As explained in the Instructions for Submitting a School District Procurement Code & Regulations for Review, a District may elect to do this by submitting its proposed code as a set of modifications to the 2021 Model School District Procurement Code. This approach requires that you begin with an editable version of the model code. Attached is a version in MSWord format.

Please do not substantially reorder the contents. If you relocate significant text, please make notes regarding where the text has been moved.

Note: To protect the integrity of this document, the Editable Version of the 2021 Model Code (MSWord) document has been set to track all changes you make to the document. Deletions will be shown as stricken text, and additions will be shown as underlined text. This makes your job easier and allows Procurement Services to readily identify your changes.  Please do not disable this function.  

Pursuant to Section 11-35-5340 and Regulation 19-445.3000, the Procurement Services Division has updated the 2011 Code and created a 2021 Model School District Procurement Code. The 2021 Code adopts changes in the procurement laws relevant to school districts. A link to a redline comparison between the 2011 and 2021 Codes is below.

While the 2021 Model was developed for Districts subject to Section 11-35-5340, any school district may adopt the model code. For a comprehensive Index of the Consolidated Procurement Code and Regulations, on which this Model is based, see this site's Procurement Law page.

Under Section 11-35-5340, any school district whose budget of total expenditures exceeds $75,000,000 annually is subject to the Consolidated Procurement Code, unless the district has its own procurement code which is, in the written opinion of Procurement Services, substantially similar to the provisions of the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.

  • Details regarding the above referenced laws appear in Section 11-35-5340 and Regulation 19-445.3000. The procurement laws are available here.
  • Attached please find various authorities regarding when Section 11-35-5340 applies.
  • Also attached is our Audit Program for School Districts.