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General Information - Legal

Procurement Law Basics

(Posted: 4/15/2011)(Updated: 5/20/2011)

Click here to access the Consolidated Procurement Code, the State's procurement regulations, an index of both, and a list of procurement exemptions.

Ethics Act & Public Contracts

(Posted: 1/31/2012)(Updated: 1/31/2012)

The State's standard bidding instructions require that each offeror certify that it has and will comply with, and has not, and will not, induce a person to violate the ethics laws appearing in Title 8, Chapter 13 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. To access a complete copy of South Carolina's ethics statutes, click here.

For those involved in public contracts, the following sections require special attention:
Section 8-13-700, regarding use of official position for financial gain
Section 8-13-705, regarding gifts to influence action of public official
Section 8-13-720, regarding offering money for advice or assistance of public official
Sections 8-13-755 and 8-13-760, regarding restrictions on employment by former public official
Section 8-13-775, prohibiting public official with economic interests from acting on contracts
Section 8-13-790, regarding recovery of kickbacks
Section 8-13-1150, regarding statements to be filed by consultants
Section 8-13-1342, regarding restrictions on contributions by contractor to candidate who participated in awarding of contract

For a distinct but related rule regarding gifts to government agencies, please see Regulation 19-445.2165

FOIA & Submitting Confidential Information

(Posted: 5/8/2007)(Updated: 6/1/2007)

The attached document is offered as additional guidance to vendors regarding the submission of confidential information. 

Illegal Immigration & Public Contracts

(Posted: 11/26/2008)(Updated: 5/20/2011)

An overview of how the South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act effects public contracts is available at www.procurementlaw.sc.gov/immigration

Protest Process Overview

(Posted: 1/13/2006)(Updated: 1/29/2013)

The following attachments provide an overview of the protest procedures, including any hearings conducted as part of the administrative process.

  • Introduction to Protests
  • Panel Procedural Rules (Revised December 2012)
  • CPO Hearing Pamphlet (Protests Only) [Pamphlet Printing Instructions: Print to 8 1/2" x 14" paper using "landscape" orientation. For two-sided printing, set printer to flip on the short edge.]
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